Our Goals

Farmers Connect & Rural Development

Why do farmers leave agriculture?

Spending a lot of money on agriculture.

Policy inefficiency.

Personal and Social Issues.

The lack of adequate water supply.


The FC&RD is bringing about unique changes to agriculture

Educating people about agriculture.

Empowering Farmers & Their Families.

Funding projects that attract farmers.

Providing support and rehabilitation for farmer widows.

An awareness of crop failures.

Why do farmers in India commit suicide?

An increase in input costs.

Chemicals and seeds are becoming more expensive.

Farm equipment and energy sources are becoming more expensive.

Cost of vacancies.

Farmers Suffering because of debts.

Our Vision & Mission

Bringing economic stability to India will enhance the country's economic situation


Subsidy for agricultural crop inputs.

Crop insurance for farmers.

Direct marketing.

Low interest loans.

Farmers Insurance Policy on Health.

Retirement pensions.

Tree Plantation

Technical assistance

Switching to agricultural production systems for central and state governments, institutions and individuals

Our Business Partners

Welcometo our agribusiness

We've demonstrated a variety of techniques for cultivating various agricultural crops.

  1. Chili crop
  2. Cotton crop
  3. Rice crop
  4. Vegitables Production
  5. Garden & Nurseries

We are always accessible to assist farmers.

Providing the agribusiness industry with a full solution based on new technology for total crop cultivation awareness and customer satisfaction.





Environmental pollution may be avoided by planting trees in villages and cities.

Planting and growing trees saves reduces energy costs, decreases pollutants, and helps to keep the environment clean.

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